About Us

We are third generation McLaren Vale vignerons with a passion for the infinite possibilities of our vineyards and olive grove.

Our inspired range of premium wines, traditional table olives and the purest of EVOO, is created with passion by David & Matthew Lloyd and celebrated winemaker Ross Durbidge.

From the Seaview sub-region of our McLaren Vale Estate to our high altitude, cool climate vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, quality always comes first in this perfect partnership.

In McLaren Vale we unite our winemaking team's talents with nature's finest produce, and the high shine of our state-of-the-art wine-making and olive processing infrastructure, which even includes extensive solar & pure on-site rainwater systems.

Within these winery facilities, fastidiously hand pruned, hand picked grapes and olives are first carefully graded and selected, with only the finest fruit continuing through our production process to become on of the Lloyd Brothers premium products.

Varietal and regional definition is at the cornerstone of the Lloyd Brothers philosophy for both the wines and oils.

In this way, as in every other facet of our operation, our respect for nature is the inherent as we strive to honour nature's best efforts by creating only the best final products for you to enjoy.